Project Description

Senator Barnaby Joyce
St Georges Terrace
St George

October 18, 2012

Dear Barnaby,

Well here is the finished artwork ‘Summer on the Balonne’! Thank you for the commission and the opportunity to create a painting for your senate office in St George depicting a scene representing the local area.

The photo was taken last summer by my sister Alison Blacket. Her two boys Loxlee and Jock Blacket and my two boys Cameron and Patrick Jones were enjoying a late afternoon swim in the Balonne River after grape-picking at Riversands Vineyards.

The photo was taken from the town side of the river looking upstream. I’m hoping it invokes memories of the carefree days of childhood and the pleasures of being in the fresh air and sunshine, having fun with friends doing something as simple as swinging on a rope swing in a beautiful river.

with best wishes

Rosie Jones