Still Life Brass Jug


This is one of the oil paintings I did in the studio at La Bonne Etoile artist’s retreats in France with the wonderful artist/art teacher Lyn Diefenbach. Combining my two loves of french and art, it was a fantastic experience shared with a bunch of funny Aussie chicks.

The Essence of Chloe

My eldest daughter Chloe is a delight. I painted ‘The Essence of Chloe’ on return from my first Path of Love retreat. The girls and I put on some music in the studio and painted up a storm. Chloe is all of this; soft, loving, bright, happy and much more.

Kerry’s Rainbow


Kerry Lomman was one of life’s special people. We met in St George and become friends through our art connection and later with dragon-boat paddling on the Balonne River. Kerry initiated dragon-boating in St George in response to her challenge with breast cancer. She also developed another very rare type of peritoneal cancer and endured […]