Blue Sky Self Portrait

The big sky is part of my childhood, part of now by the sea. I love the buffel grass plains or the sandy dunes and the stormy sky stretching on forever and me as tiny part of the whole scene. We gave this painting to my niece Katrina and her husband Greg to celebrate their […]

Poppy Lily Daisy three


This was commissioned by a lady with three daughters Poppy, Lily and Daisy. How sweet!

Mark’s Flowers


Beautiful flowers painted for my brother Mark.

Street in Sens


Another memory of France.

Balonne River


Scene from the Balonne River in St George

Summer on the Balonne

Senator Barnaby Joyce
St Georges Terrace
St George

October 18, 2012

Dear Barnaby,

Well here is the finished artwork ‘Summer on the Balonne’! Thank you for the commission and the opportunity to create a painting for your senate office in St George depicting a scene representing the local area.

The photo was taken last summer by my sister Alison Blacket. Her […]

Kerry’s Rainbow


Kerry Lomman was one of life’s special people. We met in St George and become friends through our art connection and later with dragon-boat paddling on the Balonne River. Kerry initiated dragon-boating in St George in response to her challenge with breast cancer. She also developed another very rare type of peritoneal cancer and endured […]

French Studio Door



This is the entrance to the wonderful studio at La Bonne Etoile, an artist’s retreat in France. A bunch of us had a creative and hilarious time there in 2012 under the tutelage of Lyn Diefenbach.