Looking back, it is hard to believe a decade has passed since the experience that brought such enormous change to my life but it is true because my daughter who was just a tiny baby at the time, is now ten.
Just a few days ago I met with a woman who is the same age as myself. She underwent a Kundalini Awakening about twenty years ago and she was so traumatised and frightened by the experience for about fifteen years she didn’t tell anyone about it. In strong contrast, I told as many people who wanted to listen, for about the first seven years and then my desire waned and only just recently more people are again asking me questions about it. I think it is in parallel with the time it has taken to integrate it into my life.
It is amazing to consider that I changed from being a cynical, scientifically-minded, atheist doctor to being a psychic, intuitive, spiritual artist! They are two very different ways of relating to the world and I much prefer the latter.

I’ve just finished reading Cherie Sutherland’s “Transformed by the Light” which reviews the near death experience of 50 Australians and how their lives changed subsequently. It is remarkable how their points of view reflect my own. Although I was not close to death in a physical sense, I have no doubt that I underwent a death of self, glimpsing life after death and experiencing the vast nature of our eternity.

In the ten years since, my priorities have become very simple; love for my husband and family, being in nature, creative expression through visual arts, cultivating meaningful friendships and engaging in spiritually inclined experiences which take me back to the place of deep connection and exhilaration that I felt in the midst of my Kundalini Awakening.

I have less concern for material belongings, less worry about money and its significance. I have no doubt about our multi-dimensional existence, knowing that my life is guided and I have the ability to communicate with the world of spirit. There is a higher power which can be accessed at any time of my choosing and an infinite well of wisdom which can be tapped into whenever I make the space to do that.

It concerns me far less than ever what other people think of me. I have little interest in politics, reading the newspaper or watching the news. It reveals a perspective of life which I do not share. Fear, as a driving force in my life has been replaced by love.

My sense of purpose is strong and I keenly look forward to the intricacies and mystery as it unfolds before me.