Ralph and Margot

Ralph and Margot are some of my parent’s oldest friends. This was a gift to them for their 50th wedding anniversary from Mum & Dad.


This is a portrait of my lovely mother-in-law Marg.

Lyle Connolly

Lyle lives on a property called Bonus Downs near Mitchell in western QLD. Challenging outback conditions have encouraged Lyle and his wife Madonna to resourcefully diversify into a farmstay experience and tourists from far and wide come to enjoy their hospitality. An interesting connection for us is that my husband’s grandfather Syd Jones lived at […]

Linda and her dogs

Linda originally came from the Mungalla district in western QLD and then lived for many years at our family property Bendemere, where her husband Ken has been my father’s right-hand man for over thirty years. Linda loves her dogs, horses and her family.

Man from Maine


When we travelled as a family in the United States in 2009 we saw many interesting faces. This man owned a diner on the coast of Maine. His face tells a great story.

Shanti Ananda



If you stay for long enough in the Byron Shire you will see Shanti Ananda along the way. Shanti is a colourful character. He takes pride in the way he dresses; the colour, design, embellishment, his boots and jewellery, wearing one of his different coloured outfits every day. Not many people own hot pink, turquoise […]